How to Enjoy Your First Electronic Music Festival

So, your goal is to go to the epic Tomorrowland in which you saved for it for almost a whole year. You’ve always been a regular at Le Pompon and Le Carmen in Paris and it’s no wonder that you’re always at the middle of the dance floor with the crazy crowd dancing the night away. So it’s high time that you go to your very first electronic dance music festival, don’t you think? Sure, you and about a couple thousand people will be sweaty, dancing in a sea of humans but are you physically and mentally prepared for a real dance music experience?  This is the real deal, the big leagues. You can also check out Marvelous Festival Island in Paris.
If it’s your first time going to an electronic dance festival, it can be quite an experience. Like playing poker, you need to be focused yet flexible when attending one. You can also practice your gaming strategies and skills when you download the newest android app from partypoker français. With its easy to use game interface and interesting game play you can play anytime anywhere with just a swipe of a finger. You can also improve your game play by watching video tutorials online and getting pointers from Antoine Saout during the World Series of Poker tournaments. You can now play poker without the hassle of dressing up and going to a real casino but if you’re looking for the thrill of live poker you can join the tables at Casino Croisette in Cannes. You can become a poker expert in no time and you can even play this on your android phone during your downtime at an electronic dance festival. But first, you need to do your research. Which artists and what dance stages are you going to? Set an itinerary so that you and your friends won’t waste time deciding where to go. Set up a common meeting place where you can rendezvous with your friends after the sets. It’s also important to know what things you’re allowed to bring before you get held up by the security which can be quite embarrassing. You can also check out France’s most famous outdoor music festival, the Rock En Seine.
Most importantly, remember to charge your phone so that you can contact your friends anytime anywhere. Don’t also forget to also charge your camera. It can be a total bummer when you see your favorite DJs play a massive set and then see your camera flicker its last breath of battery life. Drink tons of water, you wouldn’t want to be dehydrated and exhausted from all that dancing you’re going to do. Finally, dress comfortably. You don’t want to have any wardrobe malfunction especially when you’re a girl. You can also check out Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris.

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