Ross Richards joins the family!


EP: Funk it Up
Artist: Ross Richards
Remixers: Lance Leber, DJ Sulli & 5657
Catalog: BHEP41
Release Date: 18 March 2013

Bounce House Recordings adds another talented artist to the family in Leeds native, Ross Richards. Ross also runs the respected imprint TUG Underground Records with partner Rob Small.  We are pleased to add him to the ever-expanding roster with 2 top original tracks.

The EP title track “Funk it Up” should have mass appeal to a number of different house heads with its swinging baseline and chopped vocals…definitely a party jam.  “Ninja Work” has that sort of groove we just plain ole’ dig at Bounce House.

For remix work, we brought back former label partner Lance Leber to work his magic.  He doesn’t disappoint with a tech-funk groover primed for the late night.

For the main hour, DJ Sulli (Hype n’ Soul Recordings) & 5657 deliver a real chugger that should fill any club’s dance floor.
DJ Support

DJ Hal: Ninja Work – “Nice Deep Groove”
Phil Towers: Ninja Work – “Ninja Work is excellent, radio and gig support”
Claire Thwaites: Funk it Up (original) – “Liking the 2 originals”
Rob Small: Ninja Work – “Ninja Work gets my vote here”
Luis Molinari: Funk it Up (original) – “original mix for me”
Oded Nir: Ninja Work – “Cool release, Ninja Work is my selection”
Rick Preston: Funk it Up (Lance Leber remix) – “Love Lance’s and Sulli & 5657 remixes, full support!”
Trevor Vichas: Funk it Up (original) – “Funk it up OG is the one for me…dope release!”
DJ MFR: Funk it Up (original) – “I like all the mixes, full support for me on this one.”
Ceri: Ninja Work – “Ninja Work for me”
Matt Prehn: Funk it Up (original) – “Liking the funky vibes on the original.”
Mike Frugaletti: Funk it Up (Lance Leber remix) – “Very funky EP, digging Lance’s remix the most.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People): Funk it Up (Lance Leber remix) – “Serious rocking sound from Lance Leber.”
Camouflage: Funk it Up (original) – “Loving the OG, classic dancefloor jam”
Al Bradley: Ninja Work – “Ninja Work here, solid deep and chugging house vibes”
Kirby: Funk it Up (Lance Leber remix) – “The Lance Leber remix sounds cool.”
Fergus: Funk it Up (Lance Leber remix) – “Dig the Lance Leber remix.”
Fer Ferrari: Ninja Work – “Ninja Work for me…support”
Markus Schulz: Funk it Up (original) – “Liking the original, support.”
Adam Collins: Funk it Up (Lance Leber remix) – “Lance Leber all the way, dope drums, perfect for the dancefloor.”

Radio Support

Gee Goudge (Centro House) / Nick Belucci (Radio FG Hungary) / DJ Elroy’s Digital Dancefloor / Richard Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions) / Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio) / Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg) / DJ Gomez (RPL 99 So Deep, Lille, FR) / Yiannios Dorakis (RODON FM, Greece) / Advokkat (Groove is in the House. Paris, FR) / Louis Hughes (Chicago House FM) / Deep South Sounds FM, Ireland / Wayne Brett (Lofrequency) / Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio) / Mark Bronham (Lick FM) / Tim Thaler (Berlin FM) / Christos Kedras (Beat Philospy) / Bryon Stout (Deep House Lounge) / Jason Pepperell (Juice FM) / Bobi (Club FM, Macedonia) / MyHouse – YourHouse / Michael Patterson (Pulse Radio) / Dave Simpson (Soul M8) / Shlomi B (Tunnel FM)

Press Support

Chris Rayner / Inhale
Simon / Deep South Audio
Russell Deeks / This is why we Dance

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