Rob Clarke is back on Bounce House

Release Date: 05 November 2012

Beats Me Music boss and UK-native Rob Clarke makes a return to Bounce House with 3 original deep house tracks.  Rob has been spreading his house vibe on a good many labels of late and we are  pleased to have him back.

The title track “Sometimes” is a deep and dark cut that just reels  you in.  He uses a classic vocal with a smooth 4 on the floor beat that had us hooked once we heard it.  “Repeater” and “Solar” showcase his key and synth work in his own unique style.  Solid deep house groovers!

For remix work, we enlisted trusted label pal and 3am Recordings owner Al Bradley.  Al’s remix is spot on, taking “Sometimes” back to an early 90s warehouse party.

DK Watts flips “Sometimes” back a decade further with a very 80s feel.


Mark Knight: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Al Bradley’s 3am classic dub) “Really cool track”
Markus Schulz: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Original Mix) “Thank you, full support!”
Tony Humphries Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Original Mix) “really cool deep house tracks!”
Cevin Fisher Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Original Mix) “nnniiiiccceee remake gents!”
Alexander East: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Original Mix) “Love it”
Robert Owens: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Original Mix) “Love it!”
DJ MFR: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (DK Watts Remix) “DK Watts remix does it for me, track is interesting and I like the way he treated the vocals.”
Tommy Largo: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Original Mix) “Cool Stuff”
Joey Silvero (Distant People): Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Al Bradley’s 3am classic dub) “I like the 3am classic dub, some nice old school moody here!”
CRAM: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (DK Watts Remix) “DK Watts remix for me. Nice deep feeling in there.”
Carlo Gambino: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Al Bradley’s 3am classic dub) “Great EP! Probably the best thing to come from Rob and the label!
Oded Nir: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Original Mix) “Sometimes is for me, cool sounds!”
Murray Richardson: Rob Clarke – Sometimes (Original Mix) “Nice vibes, I like the original!”

AMDJS Radio (Russia) / LICK FM (UK) / Ibiza Global Radio / Subdivisions Global / Digitally Imported  / Groove is in the House (France) / Chicago House FM / RODON FM (Greece) / SOS radio (London) / Tunnel FM / Club FM (Macedonia) / Berlin FM / My House Your House / Deep South Sounds (Ireland) / RPL FM (Lille, France) / West Radio (Greece) / Juice FM (UK)

Russell Deeks (I DJ Magazine, This is why we dance) / Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News) / Bleed (De:Bug) / Chirs Rayner (Inhale) / Oxide (Urbnet)

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We have a newbie on Bounce House

Release Date: 22 October 2012
We have added another hot up-and-comer to our label roster…Wusel (aka Kevin Gorg) from Germany.  His debut release, which Bounce House feels fortunate to have signed, is straight up quality.  Wusel, who is also a trained guitarist, lays downs 3 rollers that showcase his musical talents and melody writing skills.  The EP title track “Dancing Illusions” is a melody-driven groover, which also gets a more classic house do-over from label owner DK Watts. “Desert City” has that killer baseline we at Bounce House dig, while “Irritated” is the perfect track to drop all times of the night.

Massive worldwide support here on this one!  Here’s a few names: (DJ) Gareth Whitehead, Tommy Largo, Kirby, Joey Silvero, Luis Molinari, Oded Nir, Carlo Gambino, Sound Diggers, Tom Gianelli, Lee Guthrie, Rob Clarke, Camouflage, Ceri, Robert Owens, Markus Schulz, Al Bradley, Gavin Boyce, Jota Wagner, CRAM, DJ Hal, DeepShizzol and many, many more!  (RADIO/PRESS) West Radio Greece, Tim Thaler – Berlin FM, Russell Deeks (TIWWD), Christos Kedras – Beat Philosophy, Jason Pepperell – Juice FM, Brighton, Yiannis Dorakis RODON FM, Joan Ribas – Ibiza Global, Louis Hughes – Chicago FM, Shlomi B – Tunnel FM, Advokat – Groove is in the House, DJ Gomes – RPL 99FM Lille, FR, Simon – Deep South Audio, Dave LAW – SOS RAdio London, Bleed – De:Bug.  Thanks everyone!

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Freak EP

Out Now on Bounce House!

Freak EP

Release Date: 12 September 2012

Bounce House continues its aim of delivering new talent to the forefront of the dance scene. This time we head north to Norway with Iranian born producer Nicky Shah stealing the spotlight. The EP title track Freak (a collaboration with singer and songwriter Beate) is a deep and techy stomper with a main room feel to it. Label boss DK Watts keeps things on the deep tip with a vox remix and a late night dub remix. Easy Ryan (a Bounce House regular) drops the bpm down a bit for a more chilled-out groove.

But it here: Traxsource, BeatPort and Stompy and all your favorite stores worldwide!

Look at the DJs & Producers supporting this EP: Adam Collins (Euphoria Records), Al Bradley (3am), Camouflage (Chicago House FM), CRAM, Deep Shizzol, DJ MFR (Transport Recordings), Gareth Whitehead, Gavin Boyce (Nordic Trax), Grant Nelson, Joey Silvero (Distant People), Magnus Wedberg, Markus Schulz, Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy), Miss Mee, Mr. Pedros, Nick Devon, Oded Nir, P-Rez (NSF), Rob Clarke (Beats Me Music), Terry Vernixx, Tom Gianelli, Tommy Largo, Tres Manos.

Radio and Press: Urbnet, West Radio Greece, Yiannis Dorakis RODON FM, Tunnel FM, Simon (Deep South Audio), Richard Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global), Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg), Mike Simbello (AMW Radio Amsterdam), Mark Bromham (LICK FM), Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio), Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News), Gee Goudge (Centro House), DJ Gomez (RPL So Deep Lille, FR), Deep South Sounds Ireland, Dave Law (SOS Radio London), Charlie Dunlop (Checkpoint), Bleed (De:Bug), Russel Deeks (TIWWD)Advokkat (Groove is in the House Paris)…and many, many more!

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Bounce House will be at ADE this year!

Bounce House will be doing a label party with Suntree Records and 3am Recordings at the Cue Bar in Amsterdam on Thursday 18 October.  The party is free and we have a killer line up!

Line up: Oded Nir, DK Watts, Al Bradley, Dutchican Soul, Matt Prehn, Phil Towers, John Joseph, Easy Ryan and Kajan Chow.

Join us!

DK Watts solo EP!

Respect the Underground EP

Release Date: 20 June 2012

Bounce House label owner DK Watts releases a 5-track solo EP that has been in the works for awhile. The EP explores the deep, tech and funk sounds that have been influencing the label since its infant days. “I wanted to write an EP that really highlights what Bounce House has been through the years,” says Watts. “While we have experimented with some different styles, we still remain committed to the underground dance floor sounds that we love. I hope yah dig”!

Tremendous support worldwide on this EP (Mark Farina, Robert Owens, Grant Nelson, DJ Hal, Tommy Largo, Al Bradley, CRAM, Giano, Q-Burns…just to name a few).

3am Recordings’ Boss Al Bradley releases on Bounce House

Hau Phat, So Phat EP

Release Date: 30 April 2012
3am Recordings boss Al Bradley makes a return to Bounce House with 2 original tracks that touch on the deep and tech-oriented sounds that are his signature. The EP title track “Hau Phat, So, Phat” has that sort of baseline we at Bounce House dig. The track gets a twisted do-over by Suntree Records’ front guy Oded Nir, who has collaborated on a number of projects with industry heavyweights JT Donaldson and the Timewriter. DK Watts jumps in the remix fray with 2 additional edits for the dance floor.
Rounding out the release is Al Bradley’s “R U Ready”, a deep-groover for the early evening or morning sets.

Support from: Kinky Movement, Grant Nelson, DJ Hal, Miss Mee, Tom Gianelli, Joey Silver (Distant People), Camouflage and many, many more!

DK Watts & John Joseph team up!

Cheap Eats and Deep Beats EP

Release Date: 2 April 2012

Bounce House label boss DK Watts teams up with Dutch producer John Joseph for a 4-tracker that should have mass appeal to house heads.
What started off just as 1 track together evolved into something bigger than expected. The opening track Friday Night Fever sees the duo explore their funky disco side with a floor-filler that is versatile for all times of the night. They then takes things to a much deeper tip with Back in the Day. Deep Devotion pushes the minimal-tech sound prominent today and I Know will take some peeps back to the old Chicago warehouse days.

Who’s playing this…many, many, many!  Da Sunlounge, Smoking Groove, Robert Owens, Fergus, Rob Clarke, Salah Sadeq, Al Bradley, Paul Sparkes and many more.


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