Freak EP

Out Now on Bounce House!

Freak EP

Release Date: 12 September 2012

Bounce House continues its aim of delivering new talent to the forefront of the dance scene. This time we head north to Norway with Iranian born producer Nicky Shah stealing the spotlight. The EP title track Freak (a collaboration with singer and songwriter Beate) is a deep and techy stomper with a main room feel to it. Label boss DK Watts keeps things on the deep tip with a vox remix and a late night dub remix. Easy Ryan (a Bounce House regular) drops the bpm down a bit for a more chilled-out groove.

But it here: Traxsource, BeatPort and Stompy and all your favorite stores worldwide!

Look at the DJs & Producers supporting this EP: Adam Collins (Euphoria Records), Al Bradley (3am), Camouflage (Chicago House FM), CRAM, Deep Shizzol, DJ MFR (Transport Recordings), Gareth Whitehead, Gavin Boyce (Nordic Trax), Grant Nelson, Joey Silvero (Distant People), Magnus Wedberg, Markus Schulz, Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy), Miss Mee, Mr. Pedros, Nick Devon, Oded Nir, P-Rez (NSF), Rob Clarke (Beats Me Music), Terry Vernixx, Tom Gianelli, Tommy Largo, Tres Manos.

Radio and Press: Urbnet, West Radio Greece, Yiannis Dorakis RODON FM, Tunnel FM, Simon (Deep South Audio), Richard Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global), Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg), Mike Simbello (AMW Radio Amsterdam), Mark Bromham (LICK FM), Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio), Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News), Gee Goudge (Centro House), DJ Gomez (RPL So Deep Lille, FR), Deep South Sounds Ireland, Dave Law (SOS Radio London), Charlie Dunlop (Checkpoint), Bleed (De:Bug), Russel Deeks (TIWWD)Advokkat (Groove is in the House Paris)…and many, many more!

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