Best of Bounce House volume #1

Label: Bounce House Recordings

LP: The Very Best of v.1
Artists: Various
Catalog: BHLP02
Release Date: 13 January 2014

To celebrate 10 years of releasing music, Bounce House Recordings has compiled 24 of its top tracks to be released as two, 12-track albums.

Volume #1 which hits stores worldwide on 13 January 2014, showcases such artists as Da Sunlounge, Kinky Movement, Short Bus Kids, Matt Prehn, DK Watts and a host of others.  With a back catalog that hits the double century mark, choosing some favorites was no easy task! We appreciate all the artists that have contributed to Bounce House over the past decade and look toward to the future and keeping things grooving in the underground.

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Simon – DeepSouthAudio – Want it .. gotta have it .. Bounce House in the xmas mix down .. thanks and catch you in 2014
Deepshizzol (MyHouseYourHouse/DeepVibesRadio) – strong VA release something for everyone right here Matt Prehn is the track for me!
DJ Danney - Full Support to this wonderful Compilation
DJ Koast (Void, Greece) – Great Music in this collection. Full support thanks
Lee Guthrie (Click Therapy Recordings) – Loads of great music here, Da Sunlounge and Kinky tracks my picks. Thanks for sending :)
Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eighth Dimension) – Dance Yeah!” comes closest to what I play with its lush vibe. Good pack for those into the funky sound
Luis Molinari (CueTech Radio) – Headonistic! ;) Missed that one…
Lee Pennington (*Riff Raff/Zoo Project Ibiza) – Had these all before!
Liam Swarbrick (Glasgow Underground/LHK) – thanks !
Camouflage – Chicago House FM – Yes Nice one! love all these!! Great Package!
Gareth Cortez (Pole Position Recordings) – Massive congrats on 10 years! that really is fantastically well done :) hard to pick a fave here,so many nice tunes! cheers
Sturdus (Amsterjacked) – great to see these gems rereleased
Terry J Groves (Midwest Hustle) – I will dropping all of these tracks no doubt.
Mike L. – WOW !!!, love them all, dont know wich one to choose, nut iff i have to, DK Watts – Dance Yeah! (Original Mix) and Kinky Movement & Astral T – Hedonistic (Kinky’s Replay Remix) are the bommm
Gianluca Peruzzi (Presslab Records/Windhorse) – A very Good work from Matt Prehn and Lu Chase!!
Dexter Duplong (3am Recordings/ Baci Records) – Christmas has come early :0 cheers full support :)
Elan Hurtado (Blockhead Recordings) – Lots to choose from but my pick goes to the So Why” track.”
Stefan K – Versuz / Radio Hitec – Will have a close listen later and let you know!
Dj Soydan – So many good tracks cant wait to play thanks
Shlomi B (TunnelFM/ProtonRadio/TelAviv) – nice package, some great tracks included ‘The Beat is Hot’, ‘Freak’, ‘Cry Baby’ & ‘Dancing Illusions’ to name a few… i will try them, thanks.
Rob Pearson (Evasive Records) – nice one guys, great tracks and full support
Gareth Whitehead (Bullet Dodge/LMD/Pokerflat) – great
Louis Hughes – Two Deep / – What a great package here of some releases.
Deep South Sounds FM (Ireland) – great collection, nice to have these tracks on a compilation.
Joan Ribas – Ibiza Global Radio – wooww… nice pack
In Love With Deepology (Moscow/Proton Radio) – great music!
Magnus Wedberg (Black Vinyl/Blockhead) – great collection of trax. hard to pick a fav here. cheers
Yiannis Dorakis RODON FM – Awesome compilation with Bounce House back catalogue including already beloved tracks and lot of early release that even me, never heard before. This is a great change to discover the finest San Franscisco borned ex-West Coast now Europe based deep house, true underground label.
DJ Elroy\’s Digital Dancefloor – Great variety in this one, bunch of warm, upbeat, killer house. Favorite is ‘Still Got Love’ followed by ‘Hedonistic’. In with that Sound’
Dj Gomez -  K-zan Music – Great sampler !
Chris Rayner – Inhale – Some great bits on here, thanks
Craig Stewart (DCS Trax/Universe Media) – Happy Birthday, thx for the music
Mundros (Leeds/Various) – DK Watt’s remix of Dancing Illusions is fantastic…Cry Baby is another great one.
Matt McHenry (Project DJs/3am Recordings/MMS) – Really good work, enjoy playing these!
Mark Knight (Toolroom Records) – COOL TRACKS
Adam Collins (Euphoria Records) – Wow some deep variety here. Loving a bunch of it. this is lke old school house. well done.
Advokkat -(Groove Is In The House, Paris) – What’ a gift. Christmas has come early! Very good EP sure we ll play it in our radio show. Thanks
Dania Yanez (Innova Club/Idea Recordings) – nice one!! thx
Marc Lacasse – Jackhouse/buddha bar@hu’sasian – couple good selections here, forgot about the In With That Sound, so good. Matt Prehn always rocks it nicely. there’s a couple odd progressive acidy ones in there that aren’t for me though
Joey Silvero (Distant People) – loads of choice here, some good variety of grooves, some tasty bumpy house going on, nice
Andrew Maccari (Greenhouse Recordings) – Really solid pack here, for sure feeling a few of them!
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) – Cool stuff as always on Bounce House; great to be reminded of some of these cracking numbers! Feeling the DK mix of Wusel Dancing Illisions” most of all
Bobi – Club FM, Macedonia – Brilliant tracks. Will receive a lot of airplay, guaranteed!
Norbert Borchers – House Sound Of Hamburg – Good sampler!
DJ Hal – EQ Mag / Stealth, Nottingham – what a great selection of house music! no idea what’s my favourite yet
Phil Towers (Deadbeat Disco Radio) – Some gems on here- namely the Da Sunlounge Dub and Bon Jonson remix.Long may the House continue to Bounce!
Tim Thaler (Berlin FM) – Support!
Matt Prehn (Oh SO Coy Recordings) – Loads of cool stuff…respect guys and happy to be part of the fam :)
Wayne Brett Lo Frequency – P-Ground Hoes (Bon Johnson Remix)” FTW
Joe Pea- MyhouseYourhouse / AMW Radio Amsterdam – Wow. What a great selection. So many great releases. Thank you.
Russell Deeks – iDJ / This Is Why We Dance – Disappointed there’s no Blow & Hoes but hey‚ I will support all the same. I guess. Tee hee :-)
Richie-J – Point Blank FM, London – Some classy tunes here…hard to pick a fav..goodtime music!
Craig Boyle (Northern Foundation) – E P I C! Enough said. Thanks DK, what an amazing release. Best mix? whoa what a hard choice but I’m going with Kinky Movement & Astral T – Hedonistic. Quality slice of funkiness :)
Hippie Torales – Great collection of catalog
Ben Doren / 2nd Sunday SF – Loving the Matt Prehn track, Better (Da Sunlounge remix), The Beat is Hot, Kinky Movement track, and many others – great release fellas!
West Radio (Greece) – great pack! thanks
Bobby N. – Nice variety of music here! My favorite is probably The Beat Is Hot. Thank you :)
Sean Johnson – Dizzy Funk / Diesel City – 10 years of ace music! 10 years already man?! good to hear some of these again. a tasty little round up of a tasty little label! here’s to the next 10 years… thanks for sending DK :)
Niki Belucci (Radio FG, Hungary/Various) – great package, supporting
Greg Fenton – good track thanks
and many, many more!

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