Short Bus Kids featured in I DJ Magazine

Bounce House Recordings was formed in San Francisco in June 2003 by co-founders DK Watts and Lance Leber (Short Bus Kids) to provide a consistent outlet for quality dance music.  In 2009, Bounce House made the jump across the Atlantic Ocean to Amsterdam (where DK Watts now lives) and the label is now run solely by him out of the Netherlands.  Lance has since moved on to pursue solo aspirations.

The label’s goal is to release an EP every 6-8 weeks that not only finds its way into every DJ’s bag, but stays. Bounce House is an exclusive digital-only label now that works directly with digital distributor Label-worx  to ensure that our music is easily accessible.  We also use a number of promotional platforms to get our music out and in the hands of tastemakers across the world.  Our partners are a major key to our success.  If you would like to considered for the Bounce House Promo List, please send an email to dkwatts@bouncehouserecordings.com

We are mainly a deep house label, but we also push the boundaries and cross over into tech house, minimal, funky house, soulful house, lounge and breaks.  We just like good music regardless of the genre.  So the next time you hear a Bounce House track…remember, we are thinking of you!

Bounce is what you feel when you are blissfully lost on the dance floor. House is your own personal sanctuary for that vibe.
It’s all about the music, the love, and most of all, you the people.