Grant Dell on Bounce House!

Label: Bounce House Recordings
EP: How House EP
Artist: Grant Dell
Remixers: DK Watts, Easy Ryan, Hot Lipps Inc.
Catalog: BHEP53
Release Date: 29 September 2014

Grant Dell

With over 40 releases, you may know him as Uhuru Beats, Croydon Punks Ltd, Masonic Noodles, or the Chicago Transit Authority. Grant’s first release as Tribalation – EP1 on Loaded records got licensed to Strictly Rhythm; the rest is dance music history.

The son of a jazz musician, Grant’s teen years rebelled to the raw aesthetic of punk, but his tastes quickly warmed to the rolling basslines of dancehall and dub reggae. South London soundclashes cemented his love of gritty low-slung frequencies. And then acid house. Down Clink Street, deep underground to Heart and Soul and onto to countless warehouse parties, Grant took his innate appreciation of dancefloor dynamics behind the decks.

Grant’s shared love of the best of Chicago house and Detroit techno started morphing into a sound in the early days that could only be detected in the mix. He’s now widely regarded as a Tech-House pioneer, but his influences span a far broader spectrum – Early disco to post punk – Barrington Levy to Basic Channel with a splash of soul and that inimitable swing.

In 1996, after securing a one-year residency at the Underground Cafe in Sydney, Australia, and a one-year residency at the Red Zone in Auckland New Zealand, Grant embarked on the first ever tech-house world tour alongside fellow pioneers Terry Francis, Mr. C and Colin Dale.

In 2001 Tribalation were voted DJ Magazine’s Best Newcomers. A succession of solo releases followed on key US labels; Tango, Plastic City, Detour, Nightshift, Big Chief, Stupendous, Headtunes, Worship, Leaf and Utensil Recordings and Visitor. Grant was soon spending most of his time stateside collaborating with the likes of Tony Hewitt, Jay Tripwire, Tyler Stadius and Adam Collins.With his tracks finding their way onto mix compilations by Fabric, Renaissance, Tyrant , Nu Breed Global Underground ,Turbo Recordings, La Terrazza and DC-10 in Ibiza, Grant was soon spinning his wares everywhere from Canada to Costa Rica and Brazil to Buenos Aires. In the UK, his remixes for Hooj Choons and releases on Bosh, Tag, Evasive and Rescue Recordings have extended and enhanced his reputation.  We at Bounce House Recordings are extremely happy to have him as part of the family.

For remix work, we enlisted Toronto, Canada’s Hot Lipps Inc., to remix Grant’s “How House” track.  The duo have been creating quite a stir the past few years with original work on their own label (Hot Lipps Records).  Rounding things out, Bounce House label-owner DK Watts takes a crack at Grant Dell’s “A Nu Africa”, while Amsterdammer Easy Ryan also remixes “How House.”

Check it on SoundCloud

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DK Watts & Easy Ryan – Here To Stay LP

Label: Bounce House Recordings
LP: Here To Stay
Artists: DK Watts & Easy Ryan
Catalog: BHLP03
Release Date: 25 August 2014

After many afternoon and late night studio sessions over a 2-year period, DK Watts & Easy Ryan can finally chrillax a bit and enjoy their work.  Their finished project “Here To Stay” has that timeless feel to it, drawing influence from 5 decades of musical eras.

Soul, Disco and Funk are plentiful ingredients that fuel this album’s energy from the opening track of “Dancefloor Desire” to the closing mind games of “Are You Ian?”  Somewhere in between these two jams you’ll get a hint of downtempo, tech, funky breaks and 4 on the floor house music.

We hope you enjoy!

Buy @ iTunes

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I Play Drums EP

Label: Bounce House Recordings
EP: I Play Drums EP
Artists: Mark van Exter
Remixer: DK Watts
Catalog: BHEP52
Release Date: 18 August 2014

We have another addition to the Bounce House family as we welcome Mark van Exter on board.  Here’s a bit about this talented up-and-comer.
Mark van Exter likes improvement. Whenever he sees a piano or keyboard he immediately wants to touch the keys. Maybe that’s why he’s started producing a couple of years ago when he moved to Amsterdam.

In his hybrid studio he’s able to create steady house tracks with groovy low ends, but he also loves to get lost in ambient soundscapes with minimal beats.  Mark is a true musician, he creates each rhythm and harmony on his own, building every track from scratch.  With his debut EP “I Play Drums” on Bounce House Recordings he is ready to let others hear his definition of house music.


BUY @ Juno Download

Some top support coming from around the globe on this one including Adam Collins (Euphoria Records), Carlo Gambino (Midnight Social), Gareth Whitehead (Bulled Dodge), Gavin Belton (Littlemen), Hot Lipps Inc., Jaymz Nylon, Joey Silvero (Distant People), Miss Mee, Oded Nir (Suntree Records), Mundros, Lee Guthrie (Click Therapy), and many more

Radio Support
Advokkat (Groove is in the House, Paris), Dave Law (TEMPO,SOS Radio, London), Deep South Sounds FM, Ireland, Jason Pepperell (Juice FM, Brighton), Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio), Joe Pea (MyHouseYourHouse), Mike Simbell (AMW Radio, Amsterdam), Niki Belucci (Radio FG, Hungary), Ray Colclough (Street Beat FM), Tim Thaler (Berlin FM), Sam McClaren (Toronto), Yiannis Dorakis (RODON FM, Greece), Louis Hughes (Chicago House FM)

Press Support
Robert Del Femine (Chicago 5 Magazine), Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty), Russell Deeks (This is why we Dance), Simon (Deep South Audio)

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Listen 2 the Groove EP

Label: Bounce House Recordings
EP: Listen 2 the Groove EP
Artists: DK Watts & Cjei If
Catalog: BHEP51
Release Date: 28 July 2014

Bounce House label owner DK Watts teams up with Amsterdam-native Cjei If on a 4-track release filled with deep elements, funk and jackin’ vibes!
1. DK Watts & Cjei If – Listen 2 the Groove
Breaks, lush chords and a bomb bassline are on the menu with the EP title track.  A shift away from the 4 on the floor should get house heads in prime groover mode.

2. DK Watts & Cjei If – Need U Now
Getting back to the 4×4 beat, “Need U Now” is prime dance floor material.  A Roland TB 303 synth line gets this track going!

3. DK Watts – What You Say
With the warm weather just around the corner, here’s a track for those terrace parties.  The major chords push the track along nicely with warm vocal drops added.

4. Cjei If – You Know What I’m Sayin’
Another Chicago jacker for the dance floor!  The endless bassline is the engine that drives this beat.


BUY @ BeatPort

Already getting massive support on this one!  Mark Knight has been playing “Listen 2 the Groove” on his weekly show on Ministry of Sound Radio.  And…further support from Robert Owens, Markus Schulz, Da Sunlounge and Tommy Largo.

DJ: Alexander East, Adam Collins, Al Bradley, Hot Lipps Inc., Joey Silvero (Distant People), Matt Prehn, Oded Nir, Andrey Slam, Trevopr Vichas, Nick Devon, Gareth Whitehead, Kajan Chow, Lee Guthrie, Gavin Belton (Littlemen), Rob Pearson, Magnus Wedberg, Hippie Torales, Spesh, Gareth Cortez, Mudros, DJK Stylez, Craig Stewart, Mike Frugaletti, Carlo Gambino, Miss Mee, DeepShizzol, Mike Lachman, Frankie Jr., Wusel, P-rez, Flo van O and many, many more!
Radio: Mark Knight, (Ministry of Sound Radio), Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio), Yiannis Dorakis (RODON FM, Greece), West Radio Greece, Wayne Breet (Lo Frequency), Tim Thaler (Berlin FM), Shlomi B (Tunnel FM), Sam McClaren (Toronto), Richie-J (Point Blank FM, London), Richard Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions), Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg),  Nik Belucci (Radio FG, Hungary), Chicago House FM, DJ Valente (Radio Pro 100 Moscow), Deep South Sounds FM (Ireland), Dave Law (TEMPO, London), Bryon Stout (Deep House Lounge (Philadelphia), Advokkat (Groove is in the House, Paris), Charlie Dunlap (TransAtlanticAirwaves)
Press: Russell Deeks (This is why we Dance), Simon (Deep South Audio), Chris Rayner (Inhale)


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Label: Bounce House Recordings
EP: Palm House EP
Artist: Speechless
Remixers: Flo van O, Funk Mediterraneo
Catalog: BHEP50
Release Date: 23 June 2014

Bounce House hits the Big 5-o, with Berlin-based artist Speechless delivering the goods!  When we first heard his demo, we immediately made the move to sign these tracks.  Speechless tows the line between tech-house and deep house quite brilliantly, while also adding just enough funk and jackin’ elements.
We are pleased to have him on our expanding roster.
For remix work, we brought back the Italian duo Funk Mediterraneo to add their signature deep and funky spin on things.  Flo van O also gets in on the action with his deep and dreamy style.

1. Speechless – Miami Snowcop (original)
A techy groover that just grows more and more with energy.  Perfect for the main hour.

2. Speechless – Miami Snowcop (Flo van O remix)
A nice compliment to the original with added deep elements that keep the track moving.

3. Speechless – Biggie Cabrio (original)
Killer chords to go with some jacked out beats and vocals…groovy stuff here!

4. Speechless – Biggie Cabrio (Funk Mediterraneo remix)
The remix takes things down a deeper notch with a more jazzy and soulful feel.

5. Speechless – Atari Elvis
Deep, techy goodness with this track…quite the mind workout!

Listen on Soundcloud

Buy @ BeatPort

Massive support on this EP including top jocks…CERI – HOT LIPPS INC. – AL BRADLEY – JOEY SILVERO (DISTANT PEOPLE) – MATT PREHN

Worldwide Support

DJ Support: Al Bradley, Matt McHenry, Ceri, (3am Recordings) , Hot Lipps Inc. Joey Silvero (Distant People) Matt Prehn, Terry Vernixx, Oded Nir, Andrey Slam, Andy Lau, DeepShizzol, Easy Ryan, Gareth Whitehead, Jason Pepperell, Kajan Chow, Magnus Wedberg, DK Watts, Mike L., P-rez, Rob Clarke, Stefan K, DJ Gomez, Mark Kufner, Mundros, Sturdus and many, many more!

Radio Support: Yiannis Dorakis (RODON FM, Greece), In Love With Deepology (Moscow/Proton Radio) West Radio Greece, Tim Thaler (Berlin FM), Shlomi B (Tunnel FM), Sam McClaren (Toronto), Richard Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions), Niki Belucci (Radio FG, Hungary), Chicago House FM, Deep South Sounds FM (Ireland), Advokkat (Groove is in the House), Joe Pea (MyhouseYourhouse/AMW Radio Amsterd)

Press Support: Russell Deeks (This is why we Dance), Simon (Deep South Audio),

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Keeping Things Reel EP

Label: Bounce House Recordings
EP: Keeping Things Reel EP
Artists: DK Watts & Sturdus, Mr. Cardboard, Flo van O, Cjei If
Catalog: BHEP49
Release Date: 12 May 2014

It’s been a busy year thus far at the Bounce House Headquarters as we approach the label’s 50th release.  But right before we hit that half-century milestone, we have this 4-tracker up!

1. DK Watts & Sturdus – Dreaming
DK Watts teams up with Sturdus (aka Darren Sturdy) for a deep-tech groover that pulls yah back to the late 90’s scene.  Lush chords and a soulful vocal keep things on the deep tip.

2. Mr. Cardboard – Stacy
Grenoble, France-based producer Mr. Cardboard joins the Bounce House family with a massive tech-house jam that we just had to have.  Tons of energy in this one!

3. Flo van O – Let’s Not
Newcomer and Amsterdam-based producer Florian van Overmeer releases his debut track complete with some amazing piano and synth work.  It’s a track that you can get lost in, especially on the dance floor.

4. Cjei If – Herb is a Plant
Another Amsterdammer joins the family with a straight-up Chicago jacker that is DJ Sneak-esque.  The vocal drops tell the rest of the story!

BUY @ Traxsource

LISTEN on Soundcloud

Worldwide  Support

DJ: Adam Collins, Al Bradley, Hot Lipps Inc., Joey Silvero (Distant People), Matt Prehn, Oded Nir, Andrey Slam, Andy Lau, Ceri, DeepShizzol, Easy Ryan, Gareth Whitehead, Jason Pepperell, Kajan Chow, Lee Guthrie, Magnus Wedberg, Mike Lachman, Mudros, P-rez, Patrice van den Berg, Rob Clarke, Stefan K, and many, many more!

Radio: Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio), Yiannis Dorakis (RODON FM, Greece), West Radio Greece, Wayne Breet (Lo Frequency), Tim Thaler (Berlin FM), Shlomi B (Tunnel FM), Sam McClaren (Toronto), Richie-J (Point Blank FM, London), Richard Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions), Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg),  Nik Belucci (Radio FG, Hungary), Michael Patterson (Pulse Radio), Chicago House FM, DJ Valente (Radio Pro 100 Moscow), Deep South Sounds FM (Ireland), Dave Law (TEMPO, London), Bryon Stout (Deep House Lounge (Philadelphia), Advokkat (Groove is in the House, Paris), Charlie Dunlap (TransAtlanticAirwaves)

Press: Russell Deeks (This is why we Dance), Simon (Deep South Audio), Chris Rayner (Inhale)

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Winter Sampler EP volume #4

EP: Winter Sampler EP volume #4
Artists: Carlo Gambino, DK Watts & Frankie Jr., Jason Pepperell, Simon Sampler
Catalog: BHEP48
Release Date: 07 April 2014

We are back at yah with the 4th installment of our Winter Sampler series.

Midnight Social Recordings owner and Leeds’ producer Carlo Gambino makes his first appearance on Bounce House with some acid vibes to an already druggy track in “Apart of me”.  San Francisco Bay Area stalwart Frankie Jr. teams up with label owner DK Watts on the groover “Deep Memory”, while Brighton’s Jason Pepperell makes his debut on the label with a classic 90′s house vibe in “Turn me up”.  Rounding things off with a tougher and more techy vibe is Austrian Simon Sampler.  His track “Monkey” grabbed our attention pretty fast.



DJ Support & Radio Support

DJ: Terry Francis (Fabric, London), Da Sunlounge (Myna), Julius the Mad Thinker, Al Bradley (3am), Camouflage, Funk Mediterraneo, Gareth Cortez (Pole Position), Joey Silvero (Distant People), Lee Guthrie (Click Therapy), Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy), Rob Pearson (Eveasive), Terry Vernixx, and many, many more!

Radio: Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio), Yiannis Dorakis (RODON FM, Greece), West Radio Greece, Wayne Breet (Lo Frequency), Tim Thaler (Berlin FM), Shlomi B (Tunnel FM), Sam McClaren (Toronto), Richie-J (Point Blank FM, London), Richard Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions), Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg),  Nik Belucci (Radio FG, Hungary), Michael Patterson (Pulse Radio), Chicago House FM, DJ Valente (Radio Pro 100 Moscow), Deep South Sounds FM (Ireland), Dave Law (TEMPO, London), Bryon Stout (Deep House Lounge (Philadelphia), Advokkat (Groove is in the House, Paris)

Press: Russell Deeks (This is why we Dance), Simon (Deep South Audio)

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The ‘Dam Good Life EP

Label: Bounce House Recordings
EP: The ‘Dam Good Life EP
Artists: DK Watts
Catalog: BHEP47
Release Date: 17 Feb 2014

Bounce House label owner DK Watts kicks things off in 2014 with a 5-tracker destined for the dance floor.  After a successful 2013 with a number of original tracks and remixes signed to various compilations and imprints, DK Watts is counting on 2014 to continue the journey forward.  Be on the lookout for some quality stuff out on the label this year as we strive to do what we do best — keep things rolling in the underground!
But first, enjoy this deep, tech and funk-filled EP!



DJ: Hippie Torrales, Andy Riley (Inland Knights), Jaymz Nylon, Kenny Summit, Joey Silvero (Distant People), Matt Prehn, Oded Nir, Trevor Vichas, Carlo Gambino, Al Bradley, Ceri, Gareth Whitehead, Lee Guthrie, Paul Sparkes, Rob Clarke, Tom Gianelli, Alexander East, and many more.

Radio: Advokkat – Groove is in the House/ Paris, Bryon Stout – Deep House Lounge, DJ Elroy’s Digital Dancefloor, Jason Pepperel – Juice FM / Brighton, Joan Ribas – Ibiza Global Radio, Mike Simbello – AWM Radio / Amsterdam, Nck Belucci – Radio FG / Hungary, Richard Merlyn Martin – Subdivisions Global, Sam Maclaren – Broadcasting / Toronto, Shlomi B – Tunnel FM, Terry Vernix – High Dessert Rhythms, Yiannis Dorakis – RODON FM / Greece, Tim Thaler – Berlin FM, Ray Colclough – Street Beat 102-103FM / Glasgow, Christos Kedras – Beat Philosophy.

Press: Russel Deeks – This is why we Dance, Chris Rayner – Inhale, Simon – Deep South Audio.

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Best of Bounce House volume #1

Label: Bounce House Recordings

LP: The Very Best of v.1
Artists: Various
Catalog: BHLP02
Release Date: 13 January 2014

To celebrate 10 years of releasing music, Bounce House Recordings has compiled 24 of its top tracks to be released as two, 12-track albums.

Volume #1 which hits stores worldwide on 13 January 2014, showcases such artists as Da Sunlounge, Kinky Movement, Short Bus Kids, Matt Prehn, DK Watts and a host of others.  With a back catalog that hits the double century mark, choosing some favorites was no easy task! We appreciate all the artists that have contributed to Bounce House over the past decade and look toward to the future and keeping things grooving in the underground.

Buy @ Traxsource

Simon – DeepSouthAudio – Want it .. gotta have it .. Bounce House in the xmas mix down .. thanks and catch you in 2014
Deepshizzol (MyHouseYourHouse/DeepVibesRadio) – strong VA release something for everyone right here Matt Prehn is the track for me!
DJ Danney - Full Support to this wonderful Compilation
DJ Koast (Void, Greece) – Great Music in this collection. Full support thanks
Lee Guthrie (Click Therapy Recordings) – Loads of great music here, Da Sunlounge and Kinky tracks my picks. Thanks for sending :)
Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eighth Dimension) – Dance Yeah!” comes closest to what I play with its lush vibe. Good pack for those into the funky sound
Luis Molinari (CueTech Radio) – Headonistic! ;) Missed that one…
Lee Pennington (*Riff Raff/Zoo Project Ibiza) – Had these all before!
Liam Swarbrick (Glasgow Underground/LHK) – thanks !
Camouflage – Chicago House FM – Yes Nice one! love all these!! Great Package!
Gareth Cortez (Pole Position Recordings) – Massive congrats on 10 years! that really is fantastically well done :) hard to pick a fave here,so many nice tunes! cheers
Sturdus (Amsterjacked) – great to see these gems rereleased
Terry J Groves (Midwest Hustle) – I will dropping all of these tracks no doubt.
Mike L. – WOW !!!, love them all, dont know wich one to choose, nut iff i have to, DK Watts – Dance Yeah! (Original Mix) and Kinky Movement & Astral T – Hedonistic (Kinky’s Replay Remix) are the bommm
Gianluca Peruzzi (Presslab Records/Windhorse) – A very Good work from Matt Prehn and Lu Chase!!
Dexter Duplong (3am Recordings/ Baci Records) – Christmas has come early :0 cheers full support :)
Elan Hurtado (Blockhead Recordings) – Lots to choose from but my pick goes to the So Why” track.”
Stefan K – Versuz / Radio Hitec – Will have a close listen later and let you know!
Dj Soydan – So many good tracks cant wait to play thanks
Shlomi B (TunnelFM/ProtonRadio/TelAviv) – nice package, some great tracks included ‘The Beat is Hot’, ‘Freak’, ‘Cry Baby’ & ‘Dancing Illusions’ to name a few… i will try them, thanks.
Rob Pearson (Evasive Records) – nice one guys, great tracks and full support
Gareth Whitehead (Bullet Dodge/LMD/Pokerflat) – great
Louis Hughes – Two Deep / – What a great package here of some releases.
Deep South Sounds FM (Ireland) – great collection, nice to have these tracks on a compilation.
Joan Ribas – Ibiza Global Radio – wooww… nice pack
In Love With Deepology (Moscow/Proton Radio) – great music!
Magnus Wedberg (Black Vinyl/Blockhead) – great collection of trax. hard to pick a fav here. cheers
Yiannis Dorakis RODON FM – Awesome compilation with Bounce House back catalogue including already beloved tracks and lot of early release that even me, never heard before. This is a great change to discover the finest San Franscisco borned ex-West Coast now Europe based deep house, true underground label.
DJ Elroy\’s Digital Dancefloor – Great variety in this one, bunch of warm, upbeat, killer house. Favorite is ‘Still Got Love’ followed by ‘Hedonistic’. In with that Sound’
Dj Gomez -  K-zan Music – Great sampler !
Chris Rayner – Inhale – Some great bits on here, thanks
Craig Stewart (DCS Trax/Universe Media) – Happy Birthday, thx for the music
Mundros (Leeds/Various) – DK Watt’s remix of Dancing Illusions is fantastic…Cry Baby is another great one.
Matt McHenry (Project DJs/3am Recordings/MMS) – Really good work, enjoy playing these!
Mark Knight (Toolroom Records) – COOL TRACKS
Adam Collins (Euphoria Records) – Wow some deep variety here. Loving a bunch of it. this is lke old school house. well done.
Advokkat -(Groove Is In The House, Paris) – What’ a gift. Christmas has come early! Very good EP sure we ll play it in our radio show. Thanks
Dania Yanez (Innova Club/Idea Recordings) – nice one!! thx
Marc Lacasse – Jackhouse/buddha bar@hu’sasian – couple good selections here, forgot about the In With That Sound, so good. Matt Prehn always rocks it nicely. there’s a couple odd progressive acidy ones in there that aren’t for me though
Joey Silvero (Distant People) – loads of choice here, some good variety of grooves, some tasty bumpy house going on, nice
Andrew Maccari (Greenhouse Recordings) – Really solid pack here, for sure feeling a few of them!
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) – Cool stuff as always on Bounce House; great to be reminded of some of these cracking numbers! Feeling the DK mix of Wusel Dancing Illisions” most of all
Bobi – Club FM, Macedonia – Brilliant tracks. Will receive a lot of airplay, guaranteed!
Norbert Borchers – House Sound Of Hamburg – Good sampler!
DJ Hal – EQ Mag / Stealth, Nottingham – what a great selection of house music! no idea what’s my favourite yet
Phil Towers (Deadbeat Disco Radio) – Some gems on here- namely the Da Sunlounge Dub and Bon Jonson remix.Long may the House continue to Bounce!
Tim Thaler (Berlin FM) – Support!
Matt Prehn (Oh SO Coy Recordings) – Loads of cool stuff…respect guys and happy to be part of the fam :)
Wayne Brett Lo Frequency – P-Ground Hoes (Bon Johnson Remix)” FTW
Joe Pea- MyhouseYourhouse / AMW Radio Amsterdam – Wow. What a great selection. So many great releases. Thank you.
Russell Deeks – iDJ / This Is Why We Dance – Disappointed there’s no Blow & Hoes but hey‚ I will support all the same. I guess. Tee hee :-)
Richie-J – Point Blank FM, London – Some classy tunes here…hard to pick a fav..goodtime music!
Craig Boyle (Northern Foundation) – E P I C! Enough said. Thanks DK, what an amazing release. Best mix? whoa what a hard choice but I’m going with Kinky Movement & Astral T – Hedonistic. Quality slice of funkiness :)
Hippie Torales – Great collection of catalog
Ben Doren / 2nd Sunday SF – Loving the Matt Prehn track, Better (Da Sunlounge remix), The Beat is Hot, Kinky Movement track, and many others – great release fellas!
West Radio (Greece) – great pack! thanks
Bobby N. – Nice variety of music here! My favorite is probably The Beat Is Hot. Thank you :)
Sean Johnson – Dizzy Funk / Diesel City – 10 years of ace music! 10 years already man?! good to hear some of these again. a tasty little round up of a tasty little label! here’s to the next 10 years… thanks for sending DK :)
Niki Belucci (Radio FG, Hungary/Various) – great package, supporting
Greg Fenton – good track thanks
and many, many more!

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NERD Signs with Bounce House

We at Bounce House didn’t have to go too far to discover our next artists, looking just beyond our headquarters in Amsterdam to find NERD based out of Tilburg, NL.

NERD (Nu Een Rondje Deephouse) is comprised of DJs Bockieman (Robert van de Laarschot) and Missinglinx (David Stockx).  The two have been teaming up since 2005 with their love of Chicago House being the common draw. This is their first release and it just so happens to be on Bounce House.

You can check them out at http://WWW.NERDEEPHOUSE.NL/


Worldwide Support

DJ: Mark Farina, Jason Hodges, Chris Lake, Funk Mediterraneo, Greg Fenton Joey Silvero (Distant People), Tommy Largo, Matt Prehn, Al Bradley, Adam Collins, Camouflage, Carlo Gambino, Soydan, DK Watts, Gareth Cortez, Gareth Whitehead, Oded Nir, Rob Clarke, Trevor Vichas and Terry Vernixx.

Radio: Urbnet, Berlin FM, House Sound of Hamburg, Soul Titanium, Ibiza Global Radio, Chicago House FM, Fresh FM Amsterdam, Mu House Your House, Lo Frequency, In Love with Deepology (Moscow), Beat Philosophy, Club FM (Macedonia), Groove is in the House (Paris), D Café Beats Radio, London SOS Radio, Deep South Sounds FM (Ireland), Feel the House 89.5FM (Moscow), West Radio (Greece), RODON FM (Greece)

Press: Russell Deeks – This is Why We Dance

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